Still Working – International S2500

It’s good to see local towns holding on to old trucks when they still have some life left in them. I’m sure there is a some kind of state grant or matching money that would allow Madrid, NY to grab a new Mack or Western Star with a 400+ HP engine, 18 speed transmission, air suspension, and aluminium rims but they have ignored the temptation. Newer is not always better.

International S2500

The heavy duty part of the S-Series lineup was introduced to the world in 1977 at a special showing in the Super Dome. Originally code named “Tristar” the S-Series was an all new line of trucks for International.¹ It was a product line that would help establish the company as a major player for decades to come. Upon closer inspection of this photo I believe the emblem may read S-2200. If correct, this truck could be a 1984 model, the final year of the 2200. Original engine choices included eleven varieties of Cummins engines or six Detroit Diesel selections. A Spincer 5 speed was the default transmission choice with an Allison 4 speed automatic or a Fuller 10 speed Road Ranger as other options.²

¹ Crismon, Fred. “1977.” International Trucks. Osceola, WI: Motor International & Wholesalers, 1995. 485. Print.

² Crismon, Fred. “1984.” International Trucks. Osceola, WI: Motor International & Wholesalers, 1995. 531. Print.

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3 Responses to Still Working – International S2500

  1. Joe says:

    Cool picture and a cool truck! Nice find.

    This truck could be as late as a 1986 or ’87, with the “International” in block letters at the top of the grill. The S-2275 model was built through the 1988 model year (maybe some as 1989’s) and I have personally driven three different 1987 & ’88 model F-2275’s (former Edhart Leasing tractors). I know the reference in the Crimson book you cite and it is most definitely an error (a fabulous book by the way). Perhaps he was referring to the S-2100 model? Not sure.

    • Eric says:

      I went back to the book and a caption on pg 531 states 84 it was the final year of the 2200. Now, if we consider the 2200 to be a model and not a series than I think it makes more sense as the 2275 is mentioned as a production model for the next 3 or 4 years. Reading through the early years of the S-Series is truly a headache inducing activity as International produced so many models in that series. Some lasted only a year or two. Next time I’ll avoid the confusion and take a picture of the emblem. lol.

  2. Joe says:

    You are right about the S-series having a lot of models, but then again International was always good at that. You can get dizzy trying to keep track of all the model offerings between 1950-1980, many of which could be had with the same power trains and GVW ratings. How about the Loadstars in the 1970’s with the big VS-478 or 549 engines? Why not just order the Fleetstar? Or the now very rare S-2524 or 2624 with the 537 V-8 gas engine!

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