Still Working – International Loadstar

Awhile back I noticed an old International S-Series parked in a driveway near my home. I figured one day I would be lucky enough to snap a photo for my own personal collection as occasionally it was parked on the street. Well, I never got that photo but I did get one of this even cooler International Loadstar. As you can see, it was parked in front of the very hill that inspired that Windows XP background. I’m just joking. Or am I?

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  1. Phil says:

    I drove a 1970 loadstar dump druck and a 1976 loadstar school bus. Also was watching your d w winkleman s 24 video. I operated no. 920 and i think 960 for them in 1975 when they came to west virginia to build a new coal mine site. It was the sago mine that several miners were trapped in a few years ago. No wonder i have bad hearing now we never thought of ear protecton..

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