Still Working – Mack DM

Have a look at this old beast of dump truck, the venerable Mack DM. This past Monday I was sitting at a light when I noticed this old rig lumbering down the street with a full load. As you can imagine it was moving rather slowly but that didn’t help me as I was still stuck at my stop light. All I could do was watch as the Mack crested a hill and disappeared. After what seemed like an eternity I was released by my traffic control master to start the chase. Following a slowly dissipating trail of exhaust I found the DM as it began to enter the interstate. By this point I was directly behind the truck and can attest that it was leaning to the passenger side just as dramatically in real life as illustrated in the photo below.

The photo below is a screen grab of a video I was shooting as we drove by. Yes, video!


Mack DM – Click to Enlarge

There is nothing I don’t like about this truck. The rust. The dents. The faded red paint. The smoke. I love it. I’m sure the driver wondered what the hell I was doing but you gotta do what you gotta do. This video also contains footage of the newer model DM from Wednesday’s post.

God save the old iron! Oh yeah, almost forgot. Moments after passing the DM a Brockway 359(maybe?) was heading the opposite way. If it wasn’t for a wall concrete between the two of us I would have the wife swing a U-turn!

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