Still Working – Old Binders

I haven’t been doing much wandering during my lunch breaks recently due to it being cold and there not being any real prospects to check on. Since the sun was out yesterday I figured I would try my luck and let fate guide me to something interesting. I was happy to see this truck passing through an intersection and heading in my general direction. From the best I can tell it’s some form of International 9100 series or maybe some cross of a 9370 with aero style hood. It can be hard to tell with Internationals at times. No matter the model I like the looks of the setback axle, the spokes, and the flotation tires. These elements always look good on a dump truck. You might recall a similar silver truck also from the Colony Construction fleet from the very early days of this site. From December 2011, a early model Freightliner FLC.

Now we don’t have to speculate too much on the model of this ‘binder, it’s clearly an 9370 Eagle. It was seen on the site of a warehouse cleanup. Just back the dump trailer right to the loading dock and fill. I didn’t take a close look at the time but now I’m wondering if this is an ex Riccelli truck based on that blue color?

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