Still Working – Spare Parts Ford

A sure sign that the world is emerging form a pandemic is the return of construction. The already confusing maze of one way streets in downtown Syracuse has entered a new level of fun with multiple water main replaces taking place at nearly every major intersection. I haven’t been paying too much attention to this work as the trucks and equipment are all too new for my taste. That was of true of course until this Ford LTL showed up.

After showing this photo to Ryan Pedone he quickly shot back the image below wondering if this Ford had become a donor for it’s hood and bumper.

The case certainly can be made that this truck has met an untimely fate as a donor which is a shame as this photo hails from 2018.

And here is the very same dump truck from back in 2012 with its original hood.

Alright, that’s enough stalking for one day.

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