World War II Military Trucks

Every ATHS National show always contains at least one expected form of antique truck. Back in Des Moines is was the insanely large Mack prime mover with an start equipped 12V71. This year is was a Pacific tank transporter.

For many GI’s of the time this truck was referred to as a Dragon Wagon. The cab was typically armored and 40 foot trailer attached at the rear. With 6×6 capability and much larger displacement engines the M25A was a welcome upgrade to the much smaller Diamond-T’s that were available at the start of the war. This particular model is the unarmored variant which should make it a M26a1. If you are a WWII history or vehicle nut please forgive and correct my ignorance.

Many M26a1 came back after the war and enjoyed a long civil career as prime movers in the post war building boom much like this unit complete with trailer.

What shall we see next!

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