Syracuse Inner Harbor Rebirth

More action is taking place in the section of Syracuse known as the Inner Harbor. You may recall that this part of town used to be known as Oil City and in the late fall I documented some of the final buildings of that industrial neighborhood as they were torn down. Click here to refresh. Most of the land in the area has now been cleared in preparation for future development pending tax incentives and political palm greasing. When did I become so political? This past Saturday I stopped by to watch as excavators picked at the carcass of a former NYS Barge Canal maintenance building. I was able to get as close to the action as dared seeing as most of this area has already be redeveloped into a public space.

Building Demolition

More action is planed for this site including the move of a fairly large warehouse from one end of the property to the other. I’m going to have to keep tabs on this one! I smell prime movers in the air. has the full story of the site along with more demolition photos.

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