Let’s be honest, we all thought winter was over. Technically it has been spring for weeks now but winter refuses to leave. Waking up to an inch or two of snow on the ground was more depressing than I thought it could be and this is coming from someone who enjoys winter. Oh well, at least it gives me a reason to share more plow photos.

2014-02-19 13.32.58 (1280x858)

Jason sent me this photo of a Case 2600 Traction King used to plow a shopping center parking lot in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With 4WD this beast probably doesn’t encounter much it can not push.

2014-02-19 13.32.29 (1081x764)

Produced from 1974 to 1979 over 5,000 Traction Kings rolled of the Case assembly line. Any farmer hoping to buy one of these new back in the late 70’s would have been on the hooking for over 50,000 dollars. Seems like a steal when you check out the prices of today. For all the nitty gritty details you can check out this informative page at TractorData.com

Thanks to Jason for sharing!

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