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Truckers Choice – 1972 Brockway 361

We saw Ray Hildreth’s B-61 a few weeks ago and I think we can all agree that the old bulldog is a real head turner. On any normal visit it would have been the topic of discussion but this was … Continue reading

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Still Working – Brockway 361

Still REALLY Working should be the title of this photo. Clarence and his 1974 Brockway 361 were recently pressed into action to help a friend whose tractor trailer had become stuck in the mud. It’s nice when you have a … Continue reading

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1974 Brockway 361 Tow Truck

Yesterday you saw the still and lifeless photo of the Brockway 361 tow truck that is part of the Clarence Ritchie collection. While it was a nice photo it can only convey a small impression of the true character of … Continue reading

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The Clarence Ritchie Collection

This past holiday weekend my wife and I took a trip to Vermont. When she first mentioned this trip my truck obsessed brain immediately started flipping through the Rolodex of what we might encounter during our journey. Before I could … Continue reading

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