Take Me To The Turnpike

Clarence stopped by Trius Inc not long ago and came across yet another new fleet of Mack trucks. Unlike before when there was some question regarding the future owner the trucks seen, I can safely tell you that all are destined for service on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Here is a Granite in the early stages of upfitting.

Brand New Mack Granite

The end result for most of these trucks will resemble the finished product seen below with solution tanks near the front of the cab along with side spreaders (I guess?)

Pennsylvania Turnpike Snow Plow

Ladies and Gentlemen, your tolls at work! It takes an Army of humans¬†and machines to keep the highways in the pristine conditions the modern public now demands regardless of weather. While we’re on the topic of the turnpike check out the official Wikipedia entry. It’s rather well done and very informative.

Mack Trucks

One of these things is not like the other. Thanks to Clarence for sharing!

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