So you like Mack Trucks?

Mack is back! Did they ever leave? Maybe. Or maybe not. A question with no answer? Or an answer to a question no one asked? Clarence sent me shots of a future fleet in the making for a destination unknown. At least twenty new Mack Granites with setback axles and catch basin cleaners. They all appear to be setup the same which leads me to believe they are heading to the same location. DSNY in the NYC perhaps?

20140916_092348 (1024x367)

Tom also shares with us some detailed shots of a 2013 Mack Granite for the State of Rhode Island DOT. Power comes from a Mack 350 HP engine connected to an Allison automatic. This truck wears 11 foot Viking plows with a Swenson spreader to distribute those car rotting juices.

image3 (1024x768)

It’s nice to see setups from around the country. Keeps things fresh you know?

Thanks for sharing Tom!


After an update from MJ and a discussion at the DOT Snow Plows Truck group it has been determined that Macks are indeed heading to NYC.

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4 Responses to So you like Mack Trucks?

  1. MJ says:

    These macks are set-up for NYC DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection), they currently run a bunch of these. most of the other catch basin trucks are Sterling’s right now. the DEP has the best warning light set-ups.

  2. BobSaget says:

    How’d you know that MJ?

    • MJ says:

      Ive been a truck fan since I was a kid, living in NYC you get to follow the NY city fleet with out really trying to hard.

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