Texas Forest Service

Back in 2011 the state of Texas experienced a series of devastating wildfires. Over 31,000 fires consumed 4,000,000 acres of land, destroyed 2,974 homes and most tragically resulted in the deaths of both civilians and firefighters. David was on hand as logistics specialist when he photographed some of the equipment used on the front lines to contain the often fast moving and unpredictable fires. At the time, a group of new, high horse power Macks had arrived on the scene. Equipped with Landoll trailers these trucks quickly saw action hauling dozers and graders to the latest hot spots. David tells us that after a week of use it was very difficult to tell they were new rigs.


After a successful first deployment David was assigned to a post closer to the action where he was able to see first hand the men and machines at work. Typically a man works in front of the dozer to cut a fire line while scouting for holes dangerous enough to ensnare heavy equipment. Little more than a red blinking light attached to a helmet stands in the way of being run over in the line of duty. All in a day’s work for the brave crews of the TFS and numerous other volunteer firefighters.

Thanks for sharing David!

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