The Coming Jet Age

There once was a time when the future was envisioned as one in which nearly everything would be jet powered. Cars, buses, trains, and even lawnmowers were set to be powered by the engine of tomorrow.

As we all know by now that didn’t happen. We came close to a few vehicles being powered by gas fed turbine engines but the dream never fully took shape. The old internal combustion engine held on for victory and doesn’t appear ready to give up that tile any time soon. Oddly enough this old Pettibone speed swing loader with 2 stroke diesel has found a way to marry the two engine technologies together. Or, at the very least, place them in an uneasy alliance.

I prefer the looks of the Pettibone to the more typical track only mounted blower commonly seen at work on the local rail lines.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Very common turbo jet tarmac de-icers in the former Soviet Union. Using surplus MIG engines.

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