The Lost IHC’s

Usually on trucks left to the weeds the glass doesn’t last too long. Nature or vandals often take their toll. In this case of this old Cargostar the windshield has held up rather well and is fairly clean. So clean in fact that the entire cab has transformed into a greenhouse of sorts. If you look closely you’ll notice the entire cab is full of the same weeds growing along the outside of the truck. There even is a dead layer of the leafy greens along the dash suggesting a yearly cycle has taken place at least once. BioDome II.

International Cargostar Garbage Truck

Sitting on the same property is this crew cab S-Series International. Body wise this truck seems sold. No visible rust along the doors or rocker panels which happen to be the hot spots on this model. It could be saved.

International Crew Cab Truck

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  1. Paul Augsburger says:

    Could you tell me where this crew cab international is.Maybe a number to call or address. Thank you

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