Unique Rides

This video begins with a burst of modern power effortlessly hauling the classic iron of an International R-Series tractor and Kenworth Bullnose. The lingering aftertaste of a such a trio is expertly melded with that of a Kenworth W-900 with aluminum flatbed trailer which provides a long escape before darting to that of an International DCO, aka, the Emeryville. Next, the rarely used Pirsch open cab fire truck arrives to delight all the visual senses. The film quickly transitions back to a White 4000 recalling the glory days of a great American manufacturer. The nostalgia is not over used however as we move back the flavors of a Mack LJ running white wall tires. The robust nature of this video also includes wholly exotic vehicles usually not found in the U.S. in the form of a Mercedes Benz Unimog. More Macks, Peterbilts, Internationals and even a grader balance this concoction before brazenly introducing a Corbit racing a Consolidated Freightways to the finish of your visual feast.

Above was my interpretation of my typical video descriptions converted into snobbish wine styled review. 🙂

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