The New Normal

This is the new normal in downtown now. Giant cold planers driving through the streets like cars. I walked along side this machine for nearly a mile as it traveled through the heart of the city with hardly a person taking notice. People stopped at lights along side it could have cared less even when the boom hanging over their car. I guess at this point in the year road construction has become so common place people tune it out. Or maybe it had something to do with the man wearing a studded leather jacket screaming at the top of his lungs regarding the folly that is buying pet rocks when you can just pick one up off the ground for free. Always something to see and do in the ‘Cuse!

Cat Cold Planer

Somehow this machine milled a dozen intersections in the area without me noticing. After spying its lowboy two days ago (see gallery below) I half heatedly wandered the streets looking for it. It’s harder to find a giant steel box on tracks than I thought.

Staying on the topic of road work I always like it when a new face like this International Paystar5000 shows up. I’m pegging this truck as a mid 80’s model based on the I.H. logo appearing above the door handles. It’s just loud enough with a hint turbo whistle to set it apart from the fleet of Mack Granites who perform the majority of the hauling work.

International Paystar

Another private contractor on hand, and a truck we’ve seen before, is this clean Volvo from Autocar Trucking. It was a tad cold when the paving was taking place. This shot doesn’t show it too well but the steam and the lights in the early morning produced a cool look.

Volvo Dump Truck

In the gallery below are a few more construction randoms. The old sidewalks, curbs and streets continue to fall one by one. I may be imagining this but the newly poured sidewalks seem to be softer, almost bouncy beneath my feet. Maybe they haven’t fully cured or I’ve just been breathing in too many asphalt fumes.

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