The Northside

Some around town might say the northside is the wrong side with rising crime and increasing poverty. I suppose we can pinpoint the fall to when the Wegmans on Pond Street closed. If you are not from the area the previous two sentences really didn’t mean that much to you but the trucks seen below might.

Old Trucks

The old Ford is a familiar face to me as I┬áspent plenty of time watching it work during the Connective Corridor project that took place the past two years. Back then it looked a little better. Gone are the Alcoa floats along with chrome strips from the grill and driver’s side headlight. The hood, always a leaner, seems to be getting worse. For reference, this photo from 2014.

Ford Louisville Dump Truck

To the the best of my knowledge this truck never crossed the pages of this website until this time. No time like the present!

Old Trucks

The old S-Series International clearly is an ex-NYSDOT unit. It’s still wearing the auction paperwork on the windshield and most likely came from the sale held at the Region 3 HQ this past May. I hope Big Brother is watching as these two need all the help they can get.

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