The Pieter Schelte – Worlds Largest Demolition Machine

What happens when the oil runs out? This is a question that has been asked for decades with answers that have often been wrong. Forecasting global oil supply is difficult if not impossible but when it comes to one single well in the middle of the ocean the equation becomes much simpler. After a well runs dry something must be done with the mammoth structure that is a modern oil derrick. Often times these rigs are simply imploded and left to collapse to the ocean floor thus starting their life as a new habit for aquatic life. In the North Sea regulations require that an oil rig be completely removed which requires an expansive and painstaking demolition process. The brand new mega ship the Pieter Schelte aims to change this time frame down to a matter of days if not hours. With a 3 billion price tag this true mega ships first removes the upper pumping, mechanical, and living quaters with the aid of eight massive arms. At the rear of the ship a gigantic lifting arm plucks the supporting legs clean of the ocean floor. The salvaged parts are then pulled to shore for easier dismantling. The video below gives you a great idea of how the whole setup is designed to work.

For a nice right up and a more technical break down of specs and all the jazz check out this Popular Mechanics article by clicking here.

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