The Ride Along

About two weeks ago I received a private message through the message boards at from Klye, the owner of the 257 you see below. Turns out we had both attended the ATCA show in Harford, NY over the Labor Day weekend. I actually shot some video of his truck and being a fellow addict of any Youtube related truck videos he liked what he saw. He offered a ride along in his truck if I ever wanted to grab some in cab shots. I will admit that I am procrastinator but I knew I had to take him up on his offer sooner than later. We hashed out the details and met up this past Saturday to cruise the scenic countryside around Cayuga Lake.

Kyles truck is a 1965 Brockway 257 powered by a Detroit Diesel 6-71. An Eaton 5 speed with a two speed rear end helped propel the truck through the hillsides at a brisk but comfortable 55 mph. Klye grabbed this truck from it’s previous owner in Arizona. Currently the history of this truck is murky with the story of how it ended up in the American southwest a mystery. Rest assured, Brockway historians are researching as week speak. It’s possible the 6-71 is original to the truck but there is a distinct possibility that it was repowered sometime in the past 47 years.

Motoring through the hills along the lake the truck performed great. Naturally the Detroit was loud but it was not deafening while in the cab. While passing through the small towns of Aurora and Union Springs the truck turned its fair share of heads. Whether you like old trucks or not you can’t help but notice and hear this Brockway as it rolls down the road.

Do you remember how I passed on the opportunity to drive a Brockway wrecker at the ATHS show in Ballston Spa last week? Of course you do, it was a mortal sin. Fortunately Kyle offered redemption and allowed me to drive his truck back to our meeting spot about 20 miles down the road. The 5+2 gearbox/rear end was fun to handle and not that hard to pickup, even though I still need coaching from time to time.

But of course, why bother to read this account when there is video! I had a hard time deciding what to keep and what to toss. To start, I enjoyed every second of footage I shot, nearly 40+ minutes. But, I know that not everyone can sit still for that long so I cut it down to two videos about 9 minutes in length. Route 90 was a great choice for this truck. It had some hills, some nice flat spots and a great view of the country. So how can you lose? Historic truck, great weather, great views, great time.

Keep an eye for the large hill toward the end of the video, it makes a return in part 2!

Make sure you watch the end of this video to hear that awesome 6-71 as it echos off in the distance and for some great drive by shots.

Thanks Kyle! I am in your debt!

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  1. Kurt McLucas says:

    Eric, very cool

    You need to get one of those GoPro HD HERO2 camera’s with the suction mounts…for some outside pictures while in movement…Kurt

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