Theme Writting

The theme for today? Trucks with trailers. Yesterday some wandering around downtown provided two eye catching trucks of various varieties. First up, this Peterbilt of Tripifoods from Buffalo, NY.

Tripi Foods Truck

I used to see Tripi trucks with their distinctive black and gold paint schemes on the streets all the time and then one day they were gone. I figured the company had gone belly up but then I came across this beauty. It’s very refreshing to see a local company still running their own rigs and colors.


No stranger to the pages of Daily Diesel Dose are the trucks of Moulton’s Towing. Here we have well appointed Peterbilt dropping off jersey barriers to a local construction site. Nothing says extended road closure like concrete barriers.


Now this truck from Carbon Express wasn’t seen the other day but it still fits the overall theme of the day. ¬†Always interesting to see a tanker pumping something in or out of a nondescript industrial building.

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