Variety is the Spice of Life

Would you be shocked if told that you while visiting the Walter AWUS recently sold by the Town of Camillus I stopped to look at some of their other trucks? I hope you answer was no!


The town has a huge fleet that is housed among two or three very large garages. One can only wonder at the treasures contained within. I went for the low hanging fruit in the form of trucks stored outside and even then I didn’t bother to photograph everything.


The fleet is varied with Sterlings, Volvos, Freightliners, Fords, and Internationals. No favoritism here.¬†At least three Volvo VHD’s were¬†found as dedicated dump trucks. Out back there were some older rig probably bound for the surplus pile in a few years. One of them was this International 2674. You know I love me some 2674 model. Somewhere I have a picture of the Ford seen lurking in the background.


In the gallery below we have a few more randoms along with shots of a Terrastar from the Tompkins County Highway Depart and an International WorkStar from the City of Auburn.

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