Track Day

One of the best truck shows out there has to be the event hosted at the Mack Trucks Museum and Customer Center in Allentown, PA. For diehard Mack fans this show is as close as you will come to heaven while on this earth and to be honest, it’s pretty cool for just about everyone else. The best part of the day happens when the Pedigree of Power hits the test track. As I’ve often said before, it’s one thing to see trucks on display but it’s an entirely different experience to seem and hear them in motion. Just think of the vehicles that made test laps around this track. My hat is off to the folks at Mack who allow the average Joe a chance at running their tires over this piece of asphalt history.

Now on to the good stuff. Climb aboard Jeremy George’s 1974 359 at he takes a hot lap or too. Plenty more to come in the next few days from this event.

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