Tractors and Tracks

I enjoy seeing all the new tractors and equipment on display at the Empire Farm Days but maybe, just maybe, I enjoy the associated auction a little bit more. RTW Auctions┬áreally seem to find some real treasures from the surrounding fields of the Finger Lakes. Most probably see junk or quick dollar signs from the scrap yard but the cruddier the better in my book. We’ve seen some of the trucks now lets check out the other stuff.

First, a true lump of iron. I don’t think this Cat dozer (D6?) could every truly rust away without a trace. The metal is simply too thick. Check out that ROPS system made out wood. Works great against the sun but not much else. There is a walk around video coming soon.

Cat D6 Dozer

Plenty of Case farm equipment was pulled from the weeds and was conveniently all lined up together. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all came from the same pasture.

Case Farm Tractor

Tons of heavy equipment available too. Where else can you see a line up like this? International Harvester, Trojan, Case. The construction equipment industry was diverse back in the days.


More tractors, more construction equipment, more everything. By this point in the day my brain was fried from sun and what was most likely a raw hot dog so I don’t have much more to add other than the next time you attend something like this bring a check book. Tomorrow, the rest of the truck.




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