Field of Values

We’ve seen the GMC General, The Oshkosh and the Transtar4300, now for the rest. Not everyday you see a Peterbilt 320 6×6 mixer truck.

Peterbilt 320

Chenango(?) County saw fit to dump this 2674 into the hands of the public.

International 2674

Nice pair of Louisville trucks here. You could have bought both and started your own blue oval dump truck fleet.

Frod Louisville Line

It seems like every year a really nice and clean Loadstar shows up at auction. Too bad they are always gas powered. Sadly it was the style of the time.

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2 Responses to Field of Values

  1. Mike says:

    Most all farm rigs came as gassers, short of Class 8-9, back when. The farmer, ever thrifty, knew he’d never run the miles to amortize compression ignition. And since most of them were used 6 months a year, you changed the air filter and the oil once or twice a year, and you were golden. And nearly every farmer knew how to wrench on a gasser – small job or overhaul. Thank goodness we still find them around!

    • Eric says:

      It’s funny that you mention farmers and gas rigs. Once such operation near me is retiring this year and they have barns full of 60 an 70’s gas job Internationals in mint condition. Full details coming soon1

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