Until the Hammer Falls

Last Saturday I went to the annual equipment auction held by Alex Lyon at their property in Canasota, NY. Like past years there was plenty of heavy equipment and trucks to go around. To my recollection I would say this was one of the larger auctions of the past two or three years. Ironically I took the smallest amount of videos and photos out of all my trips to this event. Remember, it’s quality, not quantity that counts. ­čśë

Amoung the fields there were more than a few “classic” pieces of Cat equipment. A large D8H dozer held court near one end of the auction lot. It was sandwiched between a dinky Cub Cadet ride-on mower and a F-250 pickup. It easily could have crushed both of them. Each time someone climbed aboard the D8H I secretly wished they would hit one if not both vehicles but everyone played it safe.

DSC06392 (1024x860)

The steel on this dozer was mind boggling. Take a look at the blade and the thickness of the material that is starting to curl. I don’t know if it hit something or that is just rust taking its toll but the metal is easily over 1/4 inch think. LOL WUT?! I stalked a couple of guys who trying out all the old equipment and compiled a video of their test runs. Enjoy as they evaluate a D6C, a 950 loader and the D8.

On the truck side of things there was an entire fleet of Peterbilt and Mack dump trucks but the jewel among them all was this 1989 Ford LTL9000.

DSC06409 (1024x937)

As you can this truck is in great shape. The grill is perfect. The fenders are straight. The cab is free of rust and sports a reflective glossy black paint job. Aluminum fenders out back work together with a sharp looking headache rack complete with strobes. The mechanical guts come in the form of a Cat 3406B diesel attached to a 13 speed. You just don’t find LTL’s like this one anymore. Case in point, the LTL I spotted a few weeks ago outside of┬áHerkimer, NY. Walk around and cab view video below.

As is the case with some auctions you just have no idea the past life of the item you are bidding on. Was it abused? What problems are lurking below the surface? Often times you only have the most basic of details on which to place your thousand dollar winning bid. Other times you have more details than you can ask for. As is the case with the International Hough dozer.

DSC06390 (1024x854)

A note attached the cab told you all the critical details as well as some history.

This machine was bought brand new by the talc mine in Balmont, NY. The machine was bought to plow snow to keep the roads open in the winter.

And there you have it. Bid on my friends, bid on.

Other notables from the gallery below include a little orange truck used to move a car crusher around. For some reason it reminds me a vehicle that could do burnouts and wheelies. A 2012 Peterbilt 367 with only 1,300 miles. An Athey grader that reminds of drag racing tractor (is there such a thing?) and a bunch of other heavy equipment that just happened to catch my eye. You’ll notice a pair of Hanson machines in the gallery that were not part of the auction but guarding a large pile of millings. I figured they were nice enough to photograph.

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