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While posting the airport plow photos from the other day it occurred to me that it has been a long time since the last plow update. While these are not action photos by any stretch I know that some of you out there enjoy looking at these trucks. Maybe you moved out of the area and like to reminisce about winters gone by. There are even a few out there who are already counting the days down until the first snow flakes return (not me) and the plowing begins. After all, the first day of summer is technically the longest day of the year before the slow march back to short days begins. With that depressing thought, the plows.

This WS 4900 from the Town of Clay stood out with its solitary rear axle. Where is the rest of the truck? It’s like someone ate the top of the muffin and put the rest back in the bag.

Western Star Snow Plow

Here is a Oshkosh from the James A. Fitzpatrick nuclear plant near Oswego, NY. Current owner Entergy announced last year that the plant would not be refueled in 2016 effectively hanging the out of business sign on the front door. Auction hunters keep an eye out for this one soon.

Oshkosh Snow Plow

Everyone’s favorite sidewalk machine, the TerraStar.

International Terrastar

The gallery below, International 4900 from an unknown location, probably a trade in. Mack Granite from Town of Trenton with some meaty look tires. Town of Eaton WS 4900. New Mack Granite for parts unknown. Freightliner FLD from the Town of Van Buren. International 7400 from the Westhill School District.

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