Western Star Auction Special

When I first saw this photo sent in by Ryan I figured it was a new truck. Turns out this truck is actually used and soon to be put up for auction. Insane right?

This 6900 was used by a utility company in Northern California to keep access roads open to transformer stations and such. Around here junky 3/4 ton trucks with blades usually get the job done. Marmon Herrington axles and V-Plow (presumably) ensure that this truck can slog through even the deepest snow.

This truck could be yours….if you can outbid Ryan.

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One Response to Western Star Auction Special

  1. dan says:

    When your pacific gas and electric $ is no issue.
    Their clearing allot of mountain roads….it’s not Central New York.
    Clay, East Syracuse, Fayetteville or Manlius.

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