Where has Color Gone?

Remember the other day when I alluded that I went to an International dealer in Virginia and took some photos but then never posted any? Some of you were probably like “what? this world renowned International homer is acting like he isn’t going to post photos?” LOL, right.

This is what I saw, a new HX620 with pusher axle, Cummins engine and a 18 speed Fuller. 

At the International dealer back home this 5900i has been floating around the lot for awhile now. Pushing four years old this truck has yet to find a home. The dealer has this truck listed as new with 15 miles on it. Presumably under the hood one will find the larger Maxxforce engine which very well might be the reason this truck is still unsold. Like its replacement above, the 5900i has an 18 speed trans, air ride transmission and 19 foot Bibeau dump body. Asking price 119,000 U.S. dollars. Click here for more details. 

And just to break up the white wash of paint jobs here is a Durastar in black with Jerr-Dan rollback.

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