White 3000 – The odyssey begins

Kurt Luthy is the proud owner of this 1956 White 3000 classic truck.  Recently purchased in Vermont, Kurt is on his way home with his new ride.  Did I mention Kurt lives in Las Vegas, Nevada?  Clearly Kurt has a lot of faith in his White 3000 as they will be close travel companions for the next 2,475 miles of American blacktop.  This model 3000 is powered by the White gasoline engine and 8-Speed road ranger transmission.  Kurt estimates his truck can do about 50 MPH and averages about 5 miles per gallon.  These are strickly estimates as his gauges are currently in a state of non operation.  Sticking to side roads this truck is sure to gather much attention, hopefully for all the right reason.  If your a fellow truck nut keep your eyes open for Kurt and his White 3000 on the way west.  Good Luck!


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