White Motor Company – Junk Yard Finds

Today we return to the junk yard to visit a trio of old White Trucks. All three were located at the now infamous Dobbins Auto Parts in Adams, NY. Like many of the other vehicles on this property they have been ravaged and savaged for decades. The White 9000 you see below once belonged to Super Motor Lines of Greensboro. The best I can tell this particular company went out of business in the early 90’s.

White 9000 – Click to Enlarge


Please enjoy a tour of the three by watching the video below.

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One Response to White Motor Company – Junk Yard Finds

  1. Joe says:

    Another cool series. Well done. I wonder if the blue & yellow White was an ex-Sunoco tractor? Sometimes these old timers get repainted so many times it is impossible to tell.

    Did you happen to shoot any of the old school buses there?

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