Mack RM Snow Plow

I feel like I have been neglecting the Mack truck fans over the past few weeks so please accept this mint RM as an apology.


Mack RM Plow – Click to Enlarge

For those that are all about the details this truck is a 1987 RM6884X with a E-6 diesel (350HP) and a 9 speed Maxitorque transmission. Differential lock and 4WD included. The odometer only showed 97,000 miles.

As far as rust goes I couldn’t find any. Dents, smashes or dings? None. The interior was clean and well kept. There was neat plaque on the dash that read “Custom Built for the Town of Arcadia.” That being said I felt really cramped in this cab compared to the Internationals, Autocars and late model Macks at the auction. But that really doesn’t matter, this truck was awesome.


Mack RM Plow Truck – Click to Enlarge

Here is a video of the Mack while running including a walk around and cab visit. At one point in the video I felt like I was at a carnival with all the low air buzzers, ringer and beepers going of in the trucks around me. Ahhhh, the auction lot.

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2 Responses to Mack RM Snow Plow

  1. Joe says:

    What a beauty! Really nice shots and walk around too.

    Those who are all about the details? Mmm…could that be me?

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