2014 CNY ATHS – The Videos

Time for a heaping helping of video to start your Tuesday morning.

Here is a Brockway I don’t recall seeing before the show this past weekend. It’s a 1963 model 260 with a very nice sounding Cummins.

Here is the 1966 Mack R-600 that was the Presidents Choice for the 2014 show.

And we end, for today, with a Detroit powered race truck. I was standing to the rear of this truck when at one point I felt something coating my arms. I thought the rain I finally started in earnest but it turned out to be soot from the stacks! I guess his diesel particulate filter is missing. 😉

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One Response to 2014 CNY ATHS – The Videos

  1. WI Big Rig says:

    Ohh wow I like how it blew coal over everybody that’s so sexy

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