A Day at the Auction

Yesterday the City of Syracuse held their semi annual vehicle auction at the DPW garage. With a valid ID and a pocket of cash your choices included wrecked police cruisers, rusted plow trucks, and even an airport crash truck.

Up first we have an International S-Series.  At first glance it seems solid enough but a quick walk around reveals a missing drivers side door.  Removable doors work well for a Jeep but are a little scary for a tandem axle dump truck.  Not to sure about the mileage as the entire dash was missing.  Former electrical problems?

The two trucks below were manufactured months apart in 90 and 91.  Buy both and you just may be able to assemble one working truck.  The odometers in both trucks showed less than 9,000 apiece.  I’m guessing they either stopped working long ago or rolled over a few times.  Breaking power is achieved by placing your feet through the completely rusted floor pan.

Ultimate mud bogger?  It looked like this truck had nearly two feet of ground clearance beneath each axle.  Detroit Diesel powered with plenty of storage.

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