At the Dealer – Nightmare of the forest

I’ve probably said this before but I don’t stop by Milton Cat in Syracuse enough considering all the awesome equipment they usually have on display. They just make it so easy to grab great photos. Look at this monster.


I looked up the name plastered on the side of this device but really couldn’t find much information at all. However, I’ve watched enough Ax Men and American Loggers to recognize a delimber/processor when I see one. In person it’s one mean and complex looking piece of equipment.

Also on the lot was this brand new 545C skidder. It almost looks too nice to head off into the woods.

Cat 545C Skidder

And last but not least is this odd looking Cat MH3049 material handler. Not only does the cab raise up to offer the operator a better view but it lowers to ground level for easy of access. Three points of contact not necessary. Just walk on in!

Cat MH3049 Material Handler

Thanks to the good people at Milton for making this possible.

*UPDATE* Dave did a little digging and found the name of the company and their website that produces the delimber. They go by the name of Quadco and have a website here. Thanks Dave!

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