At The Dealer – Kenworth ???

Yesterday Dan sent me these great photos of two brand new Kenworths.  I only have one problem with them…I have no idea what model they are.  They appear to resemble a T-800 but the hood is too long and not pitched as steeply.  Another guess would be the C500 but these two trucks have a single piece windshield not found on that model.  Future potential configurations for both trucks could included a plowing setup based on the extended front frame and stationary grill.  So Kenworth experts, what is your guess?

UFK - Click to Enlarge

Name that Kenworth - Click to Enlarge

Both trucks seem similar to this Onondaga County DOT Plow.

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  1. Jim says:

    They’re C500s. I found a few more examples out there on the WWW that have the single piece windshield. I checked the Kenwoth Website for the C500 brochure, but it’s from 2001 so it doesn’t show this cab.

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