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Onondaga DOT – Goodbye International Paystars

The sad day has finally arrived, the Onondaga County DOT has surplussed their remaining 6×6 Paystars and probably the last of the 2574’s they had in the fleet. Both of these models were the backbones of the county plow fleet … Continue reading

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My Back Hurts

Wow. We got a lot of snow. Wet, heavy, back breaking, window making snow. It fell constantly for twelve straight hours. Despite it being one or two degrees away from rain the wind still found a way to blow this … Continue reading

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A Fond Farewell

This past November I started using a dashcam to capture snow plow action with the idea being to film an entire winter for the creation of one mind blowing super mix. The project started out great with a snowy November that lead … Continue reading

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Mystery Trucks

Anyone know what this truck is used for? I seem to remember a time of year when they were used almost daily. I think they were used to push something? Maybe they were called push trucks? Oh well. Whatever they … Continue reading

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Crew Cab Ford Dump Trucks

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