ATCA Northeastern PA Classic Truck Show – The Videos

So last night I’m feverishly working away on getting these videos ready and it hits me. I have waaaaaay to much footage to get this done in one evening. I’ve learned over the years that you can’t rush quality and you can’t fight city hall so this is going to take a few more days at least. Starting last year I began arriving early and leaving late to this wonderful truck show. This strategy has allowed me to catch most of the trucks coming and going. Trucks like this very nice 1973 Brockway 361 powered by a Detroit 8V71. What a sharp looking rig this is.

The owner of this truck has a few ride along videos on his two Youtube channels. Check them out by click here or here. Well worth the visit.

Keeping with the Husky theme here is the runner up of the slow truck race, another 361 but this time powered by a 250 Cummins with the infamous 5&4 two stick transmission. I love that this truck still looks as it did the day it finished working for the Town of Culvert. It was a pleasure to see this piece of NYS history.

Plenty more to come in the following days!

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2 Responses to ATCA Northeastern PA Classic Truck Show – The Videos

  1. Jim says:

    Those are some really nice looking Brockways. I like that 361. Did I spot a Transtar & an Emeryville in the background on the video when is was backing up?

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