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Endless Truck Show

The Northeastern PA chapter of the ATCA holds their annual truck show in the Endless Mountain region part of the state. Did you know the highest peak in the area is the North Nob of Elk Mountain at 2693 feet? … Continue reading

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2015 ATCA Northeastern PA

Let us start the coverage of the ATCA Endless Mountains chapter truck show with a photo from the end. There are hundreds of reasons to stay at the show all day and take in the events including the slow truck race, … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Twofer

Believe it or not only three Autocars were in attendance at the 25th Anniversary show of the ATCA Northeastern PA truck show and of those three I only took photos of two! Don’t judge. It was hot.  I walked by this … Continue reading

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ATCA Northeastern PA Classic Truck Show – The Videos

So last night I’m feverishly working away on getting these videos ready and it hits me. I have waaaaaay to much footage to get this done in one evening. I’ve learned over the years that you can’t rush quality and … Continue reading

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