ATCA Upper Canada 2016

This past Saturday I went to my first international truck show…in Athens, Ontario. While Canada might not seem like an exotic locale to many it sure does have some nice trucks. And look, cats and dogs play nice here.

Mack Superliner

Now for you truck show people the name of Athens might sound familiar as being the home base of the George Tackaberry classic truck collection. As I had hoped the show grounds of Centre 76 were loaded with a wide variety of trucks from this world class collector. Just look at this General.

GMC General

Despite the largecars loaded with chrome at nearly every turn my favorite truck of the day was this M-Series 4×4 International. Nobby tires, diamond plate pit fenders, Frink body out back, it speaks all the right notes to my vocational truck loving soul.

International M-Series

But then again…this Transtar II is hard to walk by…

International Transtar II

Are you getting the feel of this show? Gorgeous trucks as far as the eye could see, so many in fact that I have to split this post over two days to give the proper coverage it deserves.

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  1. Carl & Pete Caporal says:

    The Athens truck show was great the Tackaberry’s did a super job putting it together the weather was great the hospitality was excellent we were honored to get a verbal invite from Charlie himself didn’t hesitate to drive are old western star cabover up from nyc

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