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The natural splendors of the American southwest are many. The Grand Canyon. Death Valley. White Sands National Monument. The Autocars DS from the City of Williams, Arizona. Yes, I think this truck stacks up well against those natural wonders. Apparently Ryan does too as he snuck away from his family vaction to grab these shots.

In case you didn’t know the higher climates of Arizona are no strangers to snow. So much so that only an Autocar with a massive blade will suffice in removing the white stuff. This truck, along with its plow-less brother, are both former DOT trucks enjoying a second life. Together with a fleet of Cat graders they work daily to keep the roads open.

Gotta say, that massive rim with skinny tire look reminds me of a former Autocar Mondays truck from the 2013 ATCA Harford show. Click here to relive that glorious time.

Great finds Ryan!

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  1. Joe says:

    Leave it to Ryan to find these. I was in Williams in 2016 but didn’t see these. Pretty cool town though. And by the way, it snowed (along with thunder & lightning) the day we were there on the way to the Grand Canyon!

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