Autocar Mondays – C is for Construcktor

Can it get much better than this? Wow. Take a look at this 1978 Autocar and tell me you don’t want one. Believe it or not this truck is daily runner for McEnnis and Sons Excavation of Tyngsboro, MA.

Just imagine the reliability of truck that only requires you to turn a key and it starts right up. No computers telling you to service or regen. No plastic pieces shaking off with every bump in the road. Nothing but heavy duty engineering waiting to get the job done. That’s an Autocar.

What an awesome show quality truck. Thanks for sharing Mark.

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  1. Great looking old school truck. Too bad the current weight laws and bridge requirements have made 58 and 65 bogie trucks obsolete. You could legally haul in Tennessee on a federal or state paving job about 13 ton in this truck. We need to go back to the day when you could legally haul the GVW rating of the truck. Love a 10 wheeler with 20,000 (or 23,000) front axle, 58,000 (or 65,000 or 80,000) rear axles, double frame and 14-16 foot dump body with full air and pintle hook on the rear

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