Autocar Mondays – DC in BC

Autocars can be found coast to coast and throughout North America wherever the need for a real truck exists. This 1982 DC64B happens to be a well traveled example of the A-Car. Original from Virginia this Autocar eventually made its way west to Oregon and the ultimately to British Columbia. If you consider that this truck rolled out of the Ogden, Utah plant this old wrecker has been back and forth across country more times than then average American.

Under the butterfly style hood a Cat 3406 can be found along with a 15 speed gearbox up in the cab.

Autocar DC Tow Truck

Over the 40,000 lb rears a Holmes 850 awaits the next job. Speaking of the 850, it was the largest and heaviest recovery body of its time. The massive winches and nearly unparalleled pulling power came at a cost that very few tow companies could afford resulting in only a small number being old each year. Head on over to Tow Times Magazine to learn more about the rotator that existed before rotators.

Holmes 850 Wrecker

You might have noticed the decals on the body that pay tribute to Mustang 22, a Nevada National Guard CH-47 Chinook helicopter that was shot down in 2005 during combat operations in Afghanistan. Two members of the crew were from Oregon, a past home to this truck. Take a moment to stop by and read about these men that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanks to Jon for sharing the photos and details of this truck. Do you have an Autocar that you would like featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today!


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2 Responses to Autocar Mondays – DC in BC

  1. Jon says:

    Thanks for posting this Eric! It was a real treat to be able to contribute to the infamous Autocar Monday.

  2. Manfred Bialon says:

    Good day since you had a posting about a autocar (mustang 22)
    I have purchased it. it now lives in grand forks Bc (mid nytes towing )
    I’m trying to find out where it was built and it’s first owners . it is currently being cleaned up and painted .

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