Back Roads of California

If you want to find cool old trucks head to the back roads. Even in California, the land of CARB and other oppressive government agencies polluting classic trucks can still be found. Presumably in operating condition and not requiring the posting of a one million dollar bond to coverage potential ecological damage.

California Water Trucks

I’m sure this classic couple will peak the attention of many. The Peterbilt goes without saying, slap a pair of dual headlights on a round fender and you have people beating down your door. My eye however was drawn to the Mack F700, it appears in near pristine shape. If forced to choose one my vote would go with this International Paystar for no particular reason other than I am an IHC homer.

International Paystar Water Truck

Ryan did a great job scoping these trucks out. There are hiding gems like these all across the country. Which ones have you seen? Please feel free to share.

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