Still Working – Brockway 758 Tanker Truck

Will wonders ever cease! I found a Brockway 758 (?) tanker hiding practically in my backyard. If my model guess is correct the age of this truck is somewhere in the 35 year old range. At the time of the discovery there was no way to gain closer access to this truck for inspection (please observe all no trespassing signs) so we’ll have to make do with this long zoom enhanced photo. Body-wise this truck is on the rougher side of the spectrum. You can see rust all over the doors and rocker panels but the sheet metal does seem to be free of any major dents. Engine make and running condition is unknown.  Anyone care to hazard a guess on past life activity based on color and former decal locations noted on the door?


This old Brockway currently resides at Clifton Recycling as some form of yard worker. It keeps company with more modern Mack and Volvo trucks which can be considered distant relatives. Make sure you stop by the Clifton website as they have some cool photos of the operation and trucks. In the future I would like to stop by during the business day to talk with someone about this truck but my hours don’t sync with their so until then let the speculation run wild. For anyone in the area the Brockway resides right behind the Clifton site office. If you’re in the neighborhood stop by and check on it but please let me know what you find out!

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