CAT CT660 – First Sighting

At Daily Diesel Dose we’ve talked about the Caterpillar CT660 more than a few times but until now this new truck line has remained elusive…until yesterday.  On a whim I decided to swing by Milton Cat to see if they had one laying around.  A few months back I made a random drive by but was greeted with a lot devoid of any equipment, not even a dozer.  I was expecting more of the same but luck was with me today as one Cat CT660 sat on the lot waiting for my inspection.

As a quick recap you will recall that this truck is made in partnership with International Trucks at their Garland, Texas plant.  This happens to be the same factory that produces the Paystar line of trucks.  Obviously you would expect the two trucks to share some common parts.  In the case of the CT660 it happens to be the cab and frame.  Taking a look in the cab there is a great difference between the dash and the materials used compared to its Paystar cousin.  Some feel that the hood looks the same as International ProStar with a fancy grill stuck on.  I must disagree.

The midday winter sun played havoc with getting a shot of the Cat but they are still worth a look.

Caterpillar CT660 - Click to Enlarge

Caterpillar CT660 - Click to Enlarge

If you build it will they come?

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5 Responses to CAT CT660 – First Sighting

  1. Dan says:

    Cool, I have yet to see one in person myself. Which Milton was it at? I’m guessing it wasn’t Batavia?

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  3. Erik Sveden says:

    Thanks for your interest in the new CAT CT660! We have trucks at nearly every location throughout the Northeast now, so if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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