The Last of the Cabovers – International Eagle 9670

Here is a truck model that at one time was so numerous it was nearly impossible to drive on any road and not see one.  Most of the major carriers ran units like this for decades or more. All the major truck builders at one time offered a cab over.  Who could forget the great models like the Kenworth K-100, International Transtar II, GMC Astro or the White Freightliner Powerliner.  The list could go on for pages.  Each model was the direct evolution from the generations of the past.  But seemingly overnight they all disappeared. Now for the most part they are gone, either scrapped or moved south of the border.  Not a single OEM still builds one for use in North America even though Freightliner still lists the Argosy on their website under legacy trucks.  There are no shortage of theories for why the cab over fell out of favor.  Some blame deregulation.  Other point to DOT changes that allowed for increased truck lengths on major highways effectively negating a major selling point of trucks like this International Eagle 9670.  Some drivers liked the high view of the road while others cursed the heat and noise that came from sitting atop a diesel engine.  Eventually the debate begins to resemble the ageless question of what came first, the chicken or the egg.  That is to say, there will never be an answer that all can agree on.

International 9670 Eagle - Click to Enlarge

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5 Responses to The Last of the Cabovers – International Eagle 9670

  1. Don Slate says:

    Would you be willing to send me an email address?I’ll send you a picture(If I can) of my 1987 International Eagle that was up in W.Springfield, the ATHS National Show in June 2012.

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  3. Joe Crawford says:

    I loved my 9670 cabover a 93 had 400 cat best truck I ever owned

  4. Robert A. Tillinghast, jr. says:

    MY first time Driving a Big Truck was a 9670. Loved it. Thanks for The Memory.

  5. Dave T. says:

    I was a heavy truck mechanic for a leasing company back in the 80’s. I believe we received some of the first 9670’s made. I liked them. Liked being up high while driving them.

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