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Old Farm Equipment

Old farm equipment might be something of a misleading title when it comes to the tractors loaders and graders seen below. Along with the trucks from yesterday these fine pieces were also up for auction due to the retirement of Weisbrod … Continue reading

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International Harvester Farm Trucks

If it wasn’t for the corn husks scattered across the ground you could easily believe this photo came from the used truck portion of an IH dealer circa late 1970’s. But truth has a habit of being stranger than fiction … Continue reading

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1976 International Trucks Bicentennial Calendar

A few years ago for my birthday my wife found this very vintage International Trucks calendar from 1976. I didn’t fully appreciate how awesome her find was until I was scanning these images the other day. The condition of the calendar … Continue reading

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1964 Ford N-700 4×4

Jim sent me this great photo the other day of 1964 Ford N-700 4×4 once operated by Oneida County Rural Telephone Company. In his own words. This is a picture of my uncle Peter McCarthy-Vice President of Oneida County Rural Telephone … Continue reading

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Sterling at Auction

After reading the post regarding that ’87 Diamond Reo wrecker and the eventual sale price of 6,500 dollars you might be left wondering if old trucks sell for dollars on the pound at auction. Sometimes they do. Other times they don’t. … Continue reading

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International Transtar II CO/COF-4070B

Hayes spotted this mint condition International Transtar II not too long ago outside the HQ of Kutzler Express in Kenosha, WI. Checking out their website you’ll find a photo of a similar Transtar when both trucks were presumably brand new … Continue reading

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White 4000 Wrecker

Today we have a few more great photos from David and his time spent around heavy duty wreckers. In his own words let’s hear about this classic. The Big White 4000 was not my regular truck either, but to this … Continue reading

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1970’s Allentown

Truck capital of the world. That was once the slogan proudly worn by the citizens of Allentown, PA when Mack Trucks headquarters and manufacturing facilities could be found within the city limits. Over the decades the world changed and factories closed or … Continue reading

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Stewart Motor Truck

I’ve been going through some old truck show photos recently while backing them up to my Flickr account. Yesterday I was looking at the 2007 show photos from what was then the ATHS chapter of Western New York. When causally … Continue reading

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GM New Look Bus

Andy sent me this photo yesterday of GM New Look he spotted at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Mass. The New Look design is affectionately referred to among busophiles as the Fishbowl due to its large windshield. Fist introduced … Continue reading

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