Electric Vaults

I’ve touched on the topic of electrical equipment vault replacement before but I’ve never really documented much of the process until now. And believe me, it is a process. You walk over buried portions of the electrical grid nearly everyday. At times you can stare down between the grates on the sidewalk to see the components while other times there is nothing more than a steel ring for lifting the accessing door. Like everything else these vaults wear out and need replacing. This time the entire electrical tomb was replaced from floor to ceiling. Weeks upon weeks of jack hammer music drifted through my office window. Finally the old sections had been cleared and the new walls arrived via flatbed.

Moultons Towing

At this point you hope your measurements are correct because crane crews cost money.

Clark Rigging

As far as I know everything went well. A few days later the top sections were put in place.

Syracuse Utilities

And that should be that right? Wrong. Time to grout in the curbs and fill in the gaps.

Utility Work

That Freightliner M2 112 is looking good with dual stacks. Take what you can get with modern trucks! After two months you probably figure we should just be about done. Wrong again. Time to install the electrical equipment. We’ll see how that goes in due time.

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