Grind, Cut, Pave

Grind it up. Cut it out. Pave. The ways of summer road work. I’ve come across a variety of jobs this summer and decided to dump them all into one post. Below we see Erie Blvd in downtown Syracuse as it peeled back layer by layer. At one time in the history of the city this very stretch of road was part of the Erie Canal. Barges and other craft were able to cruise right through the heart of the young metropolis for unloading at numerous warehouses and factories.

Road Milling

That charming oldĀ building in the background wearing the Bank of America logo is Syracuse Savings Bank. Now 139 years old it was around during the water filled days of Erie Blvd. Click here for some cool shots of the building and canal.

Once the milling was complete it was time for paving. Bottom flow hoppers from Van Slyke trucking kept things rolling along at a quick pace.

Road Milling

Way across town I once again found a Midland crew involved in a road rehabilitation project. This time they were using their fibermat application which is a funky looking machine that appears to actually lay down shreds of fabric. At least that’s how it looked on the truck. I never got a picture of it but did find one of their tanker trucks in a nearby parking lot.

Midland Asphalt

And just the other day I happened across this Ford LTL 9000 from regional road construction superstar, Suit-Kote. I believe this truck is involved with paving segments of the Erie Canal walk way through the Town of Dewitt. Erie Canal, Erie Canal, it’s a big deal around here!

Ford LTL 9000

Unlike coverage from last year, this video is short and sweet. Nice and loud too.

Assorted items. Just .99 cents each!


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