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Well, I really don’t what to say about these two other than they are fire trucks and I like the way the look. The first truck comes to us from Alexandria Bay, NY. It seems like an older model to me based on that cab that opens in the rear.


The truck below and its origins are not as straight forward. When I first saw it at the dealer I assumed it belonged to an industrial plant based on the Plastisol Composites decal found on the side. A little googling reveals that Plastisol is actually a Dutch builder of emergency vehicle bodies. I never would have guessed. Knowledge truly is power.


*Reader Update*

Tom writes

 The A-Bay unit is a mid to late 1980’s Pierce Arrow chassis with what appears to be a 100 foot rear mounted LTI (Ladder Tower’s Inc) aerial platform.  The Navistar chassis with the Plastisol body is a 2012 model equipped with a 1000 gpm rear mounted fire pump and 2000 gallon water tank. It is a demonstrator model built by Plastisol at their plant in Groton, New York.

Thanks Tom!

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